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Butterflies Group

The Butterflies Group is for children aged 2-3 years, where they can interact with the pre-school children daily and play alongside older peers, allowing them to learn from them while enhancing their own play styles and development.  

There is more emphasis on toilet training for this age group. Key workers will discuss with parents/carers when is best to begin this process, with parents/carers expected to begin this at home 2-3 weeks prior to beginning training at nursery. This will enable the child to become familiar with using the toilet without pressure and for parents to try a variety of methods to suit the needs of their child. Key workers will then continue the process at nursery for consistency. Parents/carers are to bring in multiple sets of spare clothes and shoes when training begins, as there may be accidents during the day and staff must have enough clothes for the child to change into. Parents/carers will also take clothes home with them daily to wash and return.